The Aboriginal Peoples Network is a comprehensive site that collects and disseminates information on Aboriginal initiatives in and around the University of Alberta campus. 


Currently there are over a dozen Aboriginal groups/organizations, faculties and departments, individual faculty members and students on campus that engage in and promote events and activities related to Aboriginal culture and tradition.

While there are intermittent existing methods of disseminating information, they are not comprehensive.  There are no centralized systematic locations that people can access for current Aboriginal-relevant news and events.

With the creation of the Council on Aboriginal Initiatives (CAI), and interest in the Gathering Place there has been a significant increase and flurry of Aboriginal initiatives on and around campus.

A website dedicated to Aboriginal initiatives at the University of Alberta has incredible potential to create a strong, collaborative community of current and future faculty, staff, and students as well as linking communities on campus and off.


As this site grows it will share:

·       Minute by minute updates of the happenings in and around campus

·       Current events and happenings (speaker series, guest lectures, performances, groups and organization meeting times etc)

·       ‘How to Guides’ for prospective students

·       Recent graduates and alumni achievements

·       Current research, papers, books and conferences

·       Introducing new staff and/or faculty

·       Highlighting Aboriginal specific programs, courses and policies

·       Historical facts


This site will accomplish two priorities: First, it will act as a open and alluring invitation to prospective Aboriginal students, faculty and staff as well as anyone who has an interest in the current and relevant Aboriginal initiatives at the University of Alberta.  Anyone logging on to the site should immediately discover a vibrant and thriving community campus.  The University of Alberta should be able to confidently demonstrate that we are the leading institution for Aboriginal post-secondary education.

Secondly, the website will act as a focal point, a community “watering hole” (so to speak) where interested parties can go to find the latest information on Aboriginal initiatives. The Watering Hole will keep everyone apprised of the many events and accomplishments of our Aboriginal scholars, students, staff/faculty and groups.

The creation of this online community virtual space will foster meaningful dialogue and promote exceptional and innovative collaboration. This space will showcase the current Aboriginal initiatives and allow us to develop and strengthen relationships, ultimately, creating a stronger, more vibrant Aboriginal community on campus.